Vanilla Legacy Server is Coming – Will Old Faces Return?

It’s no question that people are hyped about the release of the vanilla legacy server that’s coming this upcoming expansion.When they played the opening cinematic, I had goosebumps. You can see the video below:

To put it into perspective, World of Warcraft was released in 2004, that’s over 13 years ago. I was at a tender age of 17 years old, and the game changed my life forever. Not only did I meet so many people, but WoW was a game-changer for MMORPGs. At that time, Everquest was slowly dying out and SONY was getting ready to release Everquest 2. However, it stood no chance against WoW. Blizzard had something special.

Since then, many games have been released and have been deemed as the “WoW Killer” but all of them have failed. There is a certain aspect of WoW that keeps people coming back to the game. Whether is its butter-smooth combat system or lore that goes behind it, people simply love WoW over any other MMORPG that has released.

As time went on and more expansions came out for WoW, a lot of people have missed the old school feeling of when the game first came out. Well, it seems Blizzard has caught on and announced that they are releasing servers that only have the classic version of World of Warcraft. This means that the levels will be capped out at level 60 and the old school rewards will be back.

With the current news, threads have popped up on Arena Junkies, about the excitement of classic servers. It sounds like people are excited and will make a return to the game. I personally cannot wait to get that feeling I had when I first downloaded World of Warcraft. I think we’re going to see a lot of old faces that have quit the game come back and enjoy WoW for what it once was. Not to say that the current version of WoW is not as good, but with the amount of classes and other aspects that have been added to the game, it just seems like there is so much non sense that it’s lost the “flavor” it once had.

So the question is, will you return for World of Warcraft: Classic?



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