Start Getting More Invites to RBG Groups Using These Methods

A photo of a player playing in World of Warcraft's rated battlegrounds

It can be a constant struggle trying to improve your RBG rating when it seems impossible to get invited to decent groups. I’m sure you all have tried using the LFG tool to start climb up the ranks, but it just never works well for RBGs. First, rated battlegrounds requires pristine communication with all 10 members in the group. Half of the time the people using the LFG tool just want to get in and out of a quick game. They don’t care about winning or losing. So here comes the dilemma that the majority of decent WoW players end up facing, in order to join any established RBG group, the raid leader will always ask if you have obtained the 1800 achievement. Even if you are a good player, you still have to rely on 9 other people in order to get that achievement and its tough if you play MMOs solo. So now you’re stuck never getting into a good group and you can’t grind your rating solo for RBGs because it requires great communication and synergy between your group members. So what are your options? Here are three ways you can go about improving your rating and start getting invites to RBG groups today:

Play 3v3 Arena

If your RBG rating is low and you are struggling to find a group, focus on playing arena, and make sure its 3v3 arena not 2v2. Gaining rating in arena is a lot easier than gaining rating in rated battlegrounds.The games are quicker and it only requires playing with 2 other people rather than 9 other people. Many WoW players are fixated on rating, so if they ask you “Have you obtained 1800 in RBGs?” You can simply answer, “No, but I do have 2000 rating in 3v3, I have just struggled to find a good RBG group.” In most cases, if you reply to someone looking for your class in chat with that answer they will invite you to the group 9 times out of 10. When you show that you have some sort of skill and understand your class mechanics and how to perform at a higher level, they will consider inviting you to the group. Once you get that invite, make sure you do your best to impress the leader because then they will be sure to send you a whisper the next time they queue up. Before you know it, you’ll have a regular RBG team that you can play with at anytime you want.

Be a Leader

If you have it in you, this may be the best option. Start your very own RBG team and start inviting players and lead a group. In order to find better players, make sure that you require to be either in a Skype call or Discord chat so that you are able to communicate properly throughout the match. If you have never lead a team before and have no clue how to instruct your team on how to handle each RBG map, then I suggest reading this skill-capped post. It will give you a great understanding on what to do on each map and also give you the right mindset going into each RBG game. The post is a little outdated, but the concepts all remain the same as RBGs have not changed since they were released.

Purchase a Boost

WoW boosts are nothing new and have been sold since World of Warcraft came out. If you want the easy route, you can hire professional WoW players to play your account. This has become popular over the years for a number of reasons:

  1. People are just busier than they used to be. They don’t have time to grind out rating if they have a full time job and a family. What a lot of people will do is turn to boosting services and simply have it done for them.
  2. Because it’s so hard getting into groups these days, players will purchase a small boost to get enough rating to start getting invited. Which is exactly what I am advising for you to do if you want to play the game but can’t seem to get enough rating, this is the way to go.

Boosts come in all shapes and sizes.  There are options where you can play your own character, there are options where you can get coached and learn how to lead your own team. So as long as you choose something you want, it’s a great way to get a head start without having to spend hours trying to do it yourself.

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