Best Addons to Use for Hunters

Have you ever installed a addon pack from Curse or Used Minion from WoWInterface?

Well if you have I think you have to many addons installed. I am using a limited number of addons and even then I could use less but I like a certain look and wanted to keep that look. I use about 10-12 addons and use both curse and minion to keep the addons up to date and current with files and bugs.

As you can see I like a clean and well kept screen and everything has its own place. Even the quest I am on has a place to load.

List of Addons I use

  • AtlasLoot – shows possible Boss Drops
  • Bartender4 – Action Bar
  • Auctionator – Helps with selling in the Auction House
  • Deadly Boss Mods – Tells me whats happening
  • Gatherer – I use for mining and skinning.
  • Prat 3 – Better chat windows
  • Questmaster – Helps with quest
  • Recount -Show DPS of Party or Yourself
  • Sexymaps- Better map
  • KGPanels – Pure up to you, But It ads some extra art if wanted
  • Perl Unit Frames – Clean Unit Frames for targets and your unit frames.

As you can see I just use a few addons to change my screen setup and bars and unit frames and what works for me.

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