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I started Playing World of Warcraft in 2009 when they were advertising Wrath of the Litch King.  You know, when they had Mr. T on the commercials. Click Here To See. I started out as a night elf druid becaus eof the magical powers they had, I did very very little research and was only on the trial so things were limited and When you start out in a outter part of Darnassas, There isn’t much to do, I didn’t understand that you needed to do the few quest there and follow the road. Back then the quest were not lined like they are now and I didn’t know mods were available either. But I managed to make it to Darnassas. At the time i made it to Darnasses I already died a few times and learned that I was a wisp.


When in Darnasses I found out what the map was and how to navigate but still very low level at the time and I met this back as hunter. She was cool and guided me through some stuff and I then changed what I wanted to be I wanted to be a hunter. So I rolled you guessed it a Night Elf Huntard. My Druid was level 9 and still a level 9 to this day. Back then the max level was level 80. I hated questing so after Level 12 I think, I did alot of Randoms and PVP. As soon as I hit level 55, I re-rolled the you knew is Death Knight. I was pretty Decent with the blood DK. I went on to level it to 80 again very little questing and more PVP and Randoms. I stayed in the que most of the time for one or the other and I got a whole set of PVP gear and did well, except for mages. Some time after that after a did some raiding and still did PVP. Mist of panda came out and I quit WOW. I played it again sometime between 2013 and now and played my hunter only but only for like 2 months and quit again.


Fast forward to today,  I started playing again after trying to find a game I liked. I tried Stream and stuff like that but couldn’t get into the games. So I picked up my hunter again and haven’t touched my other toons I have a few lower level toons and my 81 DK and my 106+ Hunter.

In real life I am also a hunter (deer) and I strictly use a Bow in my hunting, I just find it more interesting and getting the shot with it is way better then shooting one 200yds away.

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