Trapped at the Healer

Well, This was fun so you know I had to blog about it. I was questing last night, I was at the point where I was tired and my eyes were hazed and I was sleepy but I wanted to grind the quest out before going to bed. Now to get to my end point I had to go down this mountain since I was questing in High Mountain and I was close to where I needed to be but I had to take a path down this mountain – or what I though was a path – turns out it wasn’t and I ended up falling half-way down this cliff to get to the person I had to speak too. Well since I only fallen half way down the mountain I was not in High Mountain anymore but I was in Suramar now. Great! I couldn’t get back to my dead lifeless body because I was stuck on the side of the mountain – unless I wisped all the way around back to high mountain and then jumped off the cliff again. I was not looking to do that so whats the next step – Rezz at the Healer.

If it wasn’t bad enough at this point, it always gets worse and this is where things took a turn. Where I died was close to the Moon Guard Stronghold which is as I know now unfriendly to me and everything around me was level 110 to my 107. On top of the fact I just rezzed at the healer giving me all these good stats anyways. 

In this picture, I am a wisp and the box at the healer is a enemy so when I rezzed it would kill me instantly.

As you can see I was close enough to 4-5 characters to pull aggro from each of them when I rezzed so I went straight back to dead. -_- I was awake now and asking wtf. My Guild, my poor guild got a chat box full of my cursing.  So What did I do, I would rezz run a few feet and get killed, rezz run a few feet and killed. I had to get far enough away not to draw aggro to rezz. Finally after about 5 times of that I was far enough to get away from them to rezz and since I was in a strange place, I walked around for a moment to see if I could get out of there by walking or riding.

NO! I was trapped by mountains in the back 40, I had went the wrong direction of where I needed to go, to get out of there I would have to hearth to Dalaran.

At this moment I was looking at my screen and saw the little armor guy on the side that tells you how bad your armor is – from head to tow it was red. Expected since I just died 6 times and rezzed 7 times. I knew it was going to hurt when I repaired but I had never let it get past yellow. So back in Dalaran and I ran to the “Store” and this is what I found.

That’s Great! Not, I was floored that is would cost so much of the gold I have saved and been hording. The only thing I have been buying is bread to restore health when I do run in to mobs.  So, The moral of this story is you pay for the haste you try. I tried to choose a path down this mountain and paid 213g for that path and was killed 6 times. The worst part is I was getting 1 shot for a crit hit every time I rezzed.

I still do not know where i was at completely but I was in Suramar in the Moonguard Stronghold but my quest speaker was close to that and I do not want to go back there for a moment.

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Background of TheWowHunter

I started Playing World of Warcraft in 2009 when they were advertising Wrath of the Litch King.  You know, when they had Mr. T on the commercials. Click Here To See. I started out as a night elf druid becaus eof the magical powers they had, I did very very little research and was only on the trial so things were limited and When you start out in a outter part of Darnassas, There isn’t much to do, I didn’t understand that you needed to do the few quest there and follow the road. Back then the quest were not lined like they are now and I didn’t know mods were available either. But I managed to make it to Darnassas. At the time i made it to Darnasses I already died a few times and learned that I was a wisp.


When in Darnasses I found out what the map was and how to navigate but still very low level at the time and I met this back as hunter. She was cool and guided me through some stuff and I then changed what I wanted to be I wanted to be a hunter. So I rolled you guessed it a Night Elf Huntard. My Druid was level 9 and still a level 9 to this day. Back then the max level was level 80. I hated questing so after Level 12 I think, I did alot of Randoms and PVP. As soon as I hit level 55, I re-rolled the you knew is Death Knight. I was pretty Decent with the blood DK. I went on to level it to 80 again very little questing and more PVP and Randoms. I stayed in the que most of the time for one or the other and I got a whole set of PVP gear and did well, except for mages. Some time after that after a did some raiding and still did PVP. Mist of panda came out and I quit WOW. I played it again sometime between 2013 and now and played my hunter only but only for like 2 months and quit again.


Fast forward to today,  I started playing again after trying to find a game I liked. I tried Stream and stuff like that but couldn’t get into the games. So I picked up my hunter again and haven’t touched my other toons I have a few lower level toons and my 81 DK and my 106+ Hunter.

In real life I am also a hunter (deer) and I strictly use a Bow in my hunting, I just find it more interesting and getting the shot with it is way better then shooting one 200yds away.

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Lynik Addons

Have you ever installed a addon pack from Curse or Used Minion from WowInterface?

Well if you have I think you have to many addons installed. I am using a limited number of addons and even then I could use less but I like a certain look and wanted to keep that look. I use about 10-12 addons and use both curse and minion to keep the addons up to date and current with files and bugs.

As you can see I like a clean and well kept screen and everything has its own place. Even the quest I am on has a place to load.

List of Addons I use

AtlasLoot – shows possible Boss Drops

Bartender4 – Action Bar

Auctionator – Helps with selling in the Auction House

Deadly Boss Mods – Tells me whats happening

Gatherer – I use for mining and skinning.

Prat 3 – Better chat windows

Questmaster – Helps with quest

Recount -Show DPS of Party or Yourself

Sexymaps- Better map

KGPanels – Pure up to you, But It ads some extra  art if wanted

Perl Unit Frames – Clean Unit Frames for targets and your unit frames.

As you can see I just use a few addons to change my screen setup and bars and unit frames and what works for me.

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